The postcard you’ve just clicked on contains a “Personal URL” also referred to as a PURL, where each individual in your mailing list is given their own website. The purpose of a PURL is to entice the recipient of the mail-piece to visit the website. Statistics show when a person sees their name in a web address they are far more likely to visit the site than they would be otherwise.

You can use PURLS to meet your enrollment targets.  You can be perceived as brilliant!

PURLS and personalized websites are especially useful in Student Search.  Why?

  • They dramatically increase your student search response rate.  Client colleges have reported increases in response rate as high as 600%!
  • They permit you to personalize your message to each Search recipient.
  • They eliminate the postage costs generated by reply cards ($0.50 per card).
  • They permit you to automate the input of student prospects into your database, thereby eliminating the errors, time, and expense associated with manual data entry.

The postcard you clicked on has three main elements:

First, it was personalized with the recipient’s name written on the front of the card. When a person sees their name in print they stop and take a second look.  Thus the mailer has survived the trash can longer than most.

Second, we wrote the recipient’s name in a creative type face which garners further attention. We even put the name in a context “<firstname> is Brilliant”, which may earn the card a spot on bulletin board or door.  When did your last direct mail piece get this much attention?

Third, we put the recipient’s name in a web address in order to drive him/her to a website.  How much more can you ask of a simple post card?

The postcards and websites we create for your Search are your first opportunity to present your message to prospective students.  Be as creative as you like!  We can personalize images and text on both your postcards and the websites.  We can post a Contact Form for recipients to use to express interest in your institution.  And, if you choose, we can place a questionnaire on the website to collect information about the visitor. You can then use this information to personalize future communication.

Finally, we’ll create a secure, online Report Page to track responses to your mailing in real-time. You can access your Report Page as frequently as you wish to download a list of respondents in an automation-compatible file that you can quickly load into your prospect data base. No manual data entry required!

Premier Communications is a marketing & communications firm that works primarily with colleges and universities to help them recruit students. If you would like to speak with us to learn more about how these tools can help you meet your enrollment targets, please call us at 800-231-8782 or use the “contact us” form available at the top of this page.